What Kind of Website Do I Need?

What Kind of Website Do I Need? Deciding what kind of website to build for your business can be a little overwhelming. With all the choices that are available, it’s easiest to start with the end in mind. The most important question you want to ask yourself is, “What do I want people to do once they land on my site?” Some websites are simply designed to provide more information about the business, its products and services.  You may want visitors to schedule an appointment, download a free report, or complete an assessment. Maybe you want visitors to learn more about your products and services, and complete a purchase directly from your website.

In today’s age of information, there are countless ways to engage visitors on your site – and you can choose the functionality that works best for your business. Today we’re going to cover a few of the more common types of websites.


An informational site works a lot like a brochure.  Visitors can check out your business, learn more about you and your team, your products and services, and maybe even fill out a contact form.  That’s usually about the extent of an informational website.  Simple and to the point.  If you’re just looking to get your business online, and you’re on a tight budget – this might be the best option.

Benefit: Faster development, budget friendly

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An interactive site gets your visitors engaged.  Maybe you’re offering a free download of some valuable information in exchange for their contact information.  You might want them to schedule an appointment right on your website. You could even have some sort of assessment or quiz for them to complete on your site.  You could even offer a subscription service that they can sign up for and access online.  This type of site is quite a bit more complex than an informational website, but it also creates a relationship with your visitors by creating interaction. This is the kind of site you need if you are looking to build an email list to use for marketing your products and services.

Benefit: Engages your visitors & collects their contact information

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If you plan to sell something online, you’ll want to develop an eCommerce website. With an eCommerce platform, you can offer products, services, memberships, and more. There are a number of easy to manage eCommerce solutions available today – WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento are among the most popular. You can even integrate your website with your Amazon or eBay storefronts, increasing your exposure across the web.

Benefits: You can accept payments, manage inventory, calculate shipping, taxes, and manage users all in one place.

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There are many other types of websites – consider Google, Dropbox, and Spotify, in this article we’ve only covered the most common types of websites for small businesses.  If you’d like to discuss the specific needs for your website, schedule a free strategy session where we can help you determine what is best for you.

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