10 Tips to Create Emails That Get Opened

Email Subject Lines That Get OpenedUse Proper Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar. Nothing will turn off your readers faster than a poorly written subject line. You could have the best content, the most persuasive call-to-action, and top-of-the-line products and services, but in your reader’s mind, you can’t even write a simple sentence properly.  How do you suppose they will trust you to handle bigger issues for them?  Now, we all know that occasionally mistakes will happen, some things might slip through the cracks, but these slip-ups should be the exception and not the norm. Double check your subject line before you hit send – and it doesn’t hurt to send a test message and have an extra pair of eyes to check it over before you send it out. 

Ask a Question. Questions are always good because they engage the reader, and compel them to answer. You can use yes or no questions, or trivia style questions, or even requests for opinion.  Engaging your clients is key to building strong relationships – and asking questions is the quickest way to do that.

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Promise something good. Share some content that adds real value to their lives.  If you can help them solve a problem, learn about something cool, or anything that would help them be happier or more successful – they will look forward to your emails, and open them without hesitation.

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Use power words. Sensory and emotional words get the reader’s attention and make your email stand out in a sea of emails. Words like poison, embarrass, cripple, eye-opening, exciting, magic – will all invoke an emotional response for the reader.

“10 Things You’re Probably Eating That Could Poison You”

Use a number.  Using a number helps to quantifies the value you are delivering, and can be more compelling than a more generalized subject line.

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Solve a Common Problem. You’re the expert in your industry – you probably have a list of questions that you can answer off the top of your head.

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Point out common mistakes. People like to be in the know – they like to be the first one have access to a piece of information.  Point out a mistake they may be making and pique their interest.

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Don’t try to be clever. Or Witty. Simple, specific subject lines beat clever alternatives every time.

Experiment. Don’t be afraid to try something new. You’ll be surprised by what works and what doesn’t, and your readers will thank you.  (Maybe not literally, but you’ll see it in your open rates!) You can the A/B Testing function from your ESP to discover which subject lines your readers respond best to.  You will literally be able to pinpoint the kinds of messaging your audience wants to read. How cool is that?

Learn from the masters. Open up a special email account just for newsletters, and subscribe to a variety of them! You’ll have the opportunity to analyze their subject lines in a way you probably hadn’t looked at them before. You’re guaranteed to learn something!

Remember, there is no such thing as an average reader. These are your clients and prospects. Build a real relationship so your readers anticipate your emails and they’ll open them because they recognize your name, and they trust you to provide value – even when your subject line sucks.

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