Get Listed! Use Directory Listings for Online and Offline Marketing

An easy way to impact both your online and offline marketing  is to put a little effort into getting listed. Directory listings are not just an important resource for potential customers to find you, but they are also a great Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool. Your business is probably already listed here and there on the internet, but it is important to create and manage a solid presence that includes the directories that get the attention of the major search engines.

The more popular directory websites rank very well for important keyword search terms. If your business is listed in those directories, your website will benefit from the additional exposure in relevant search results.

It is also important that your listings be consistent across all of the directories, so major search engines like Google will recognize that they reference the same business – creating a stronger likelihood that your website will rank well in their search results.  Little inconsistencies can have big consequences when it comes to search engine indexing.

  • Telephone formats: (602) 456-6884 vs. 602-456-6884
  • Address: 20 East Thomas Road vs. 20 E. Thomas Rd.
  • Your company name: The Candeo Agency vs. The Candeo Agency, LLC

Be sure you record your information the same way in all of your directory listings for maximum SEO impact.

Also – make sure your information is correct.  If you have moved or added locations – be sure that is reflected in your directory listings.  You don’t want to spend time and effort building a strong online presence, only to discover that you’re sending people to the wrong location!

Be sure to include your website address in every directory listing.  It is surprising how many listings are missing this key piece of information.  A listing is just a snippet of information, but your website is your online store-front – and you have full control of how your business is presented there.

I’ve put together a directory of directory listings to get you started. Keep a spreadsheet of usernames and passwords for these accounts, so you can edit them easily in the future. You can get a free scan of your online presence, and find out instantly how your business shows up on the web.