Beyond Green Beer: 50 Marketing Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day (And other fun holidays!)

St. Patrick’s Day offers a slew of fun marketing ideas, and another creative reason to reach out and communicate with your customers!

Although this list is specific to this lucky little holiday – all of the ideas can be adapted to anything from President’s Day to Thanksgiving, and everything in between! Using special occasions to create a new and exciting marketing strategy gives you the ability to offer a time-limited opportunity to your customers and prospects…and, with any “luck”, you’ll get that much closer to your own pot of gold!

  1. Use the popular term “luck of the Irish” to create contests for customers to try their luck at earning a free gift, big discount or special prize.
  2. St. Patrick’s Day is your lucky day for a one-day only 10% off everything in our store!
  3. Offer a special one-time discount on everything that is green your store.
  4. Use the leprechauns “pot of gold” in a campaign. Example: “Make a purchase on St. Paddy’s day, and get entered to win a ‘pot of gold’.”
  5. Offer a bulk discount using the four-leaf clover.  “On St. Paddy’s Day, Buy 3 and get the 4th free on any item marked with a four-leaf clover!
  6. Create green products – whatever you do, just do it green!  If you provide a service, consider bringing in green cupcakes or cookies for your customers.
  7. Create a “Green With Envy” campaign.  For example, “Make Your Competitors Green With Envy With a Brand New Marketing Campaign Created By Us!”(hint, hint!)
  8. St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Create a parade of featured products and/or services in a series of Facebook, Blog and Web Site postings where you highlight a specific product or service and point out its most important benefits to customers.
  9. The Wearing of the Green. Fill a fishbowl with shamrock-shaped cards that contain “luck”-oriented quotes, Irish blessings, special offers from your business, special offers from businesses with which you cooperatively market, etc.  When clients arrive and are wearing green during March, have them dig a shamrock-shaped card out of a bowl.
  10. Help Customers Avoid the “Pinch.” Create offers with “Don’t get in a Pinch” language; such as: “Don’t let your style get stuck in a pinch” or “Look good in a pinch manicure”.
  11.  Pot of Gold. Fill a large glass container with those little gold chocolate coins and have customers guess how many are there. The prize can include the container full of candy, along with a complimentary service or product gift.
  12. Irish-or-Not Happy Hour. Host a happy hour at your business, or partner with a local bar or restaurant to create a bigger, broader-reach event.  Be sure that you collect the contact information of all attendees and extend a special new client and/or other bounce back offer at the event and another one in follow-up e-mail and/or direct mail communication.
  13. Shamrock-Lucky Offers. Create shamrock-shaped cards with special offers and deliver them to local businesses, city offices, police, fire, local public and private schools, hospital…you get the idea.
  14. Shamrock-Shaped Coasters. Order Shamrock-shaped coasters featuring your business contact information and a special offer for use as bag stuffers and for placement at local bars, restaurants, wine shops, coffee shops, etc.
  15. Green discount. Let customer know: wear something green and receive 10% off.
  16.  Face Painting for kids on St. Patrick’s Day.
  17.  St. Patrick’s Day giveaways: mugs, pens, coasters, balloons, etc.
  18. Take a picture with a Leprechaun! Collect names and email addresses to deliver the photo electronically – and grow your email list at the same time!
  19. St. Patrick’s Day raffle drawing. Put together a cool mix of products and services from your business, along with some things from neighboring businesses and sell raffle tickets, and some festive treats. Donate the money to a local charity, and create some good will in the community while you’re at it!
  20.  St. Patrick’s Day gift certificates. You can either have a designer create them for you, or if you print your own – have them printed on green paper!
  21. Offer a special St. Paddy’s day menu using a creative combination of traditional Irish fare and fun, green treats.
  22. Live Music: Traditional Irish music is a great way to get your guests dancing, enjoying themselves, and sticking around for more than a single round. Have space limitations? Think about going with an acoustic band, they can set up anywhere in your establishment because they aren’t reliant on a power supply
  23. Make it safe. If you’re going to offer any festivities with alcohol, connecting your customers with safe rides home is easier than ever. Some of the newer car services like Uber offer special promotional codes for first time users when they sign up.
  24. Photo booths are all the rage these days. Photo booths can be rented for the day or weekend. Think about throwing in some fun costume elements like hats and boas so your guests can ham it up. Collect their email addresses so you can send them digital copies (and grow your email list too!)
  25. Put a block party together! Teaming up with other local businesses is a great way to draw a crowd. Include “carnival games, a dunking booth, a Lucky Charms eating contest, prizes for the best dressed, plus a food court, green Jell-o shots and normal-colored beer.
  26. Run a St. Patrick Day “Luck of The Irish” Contest. No matter what kind of business you are in you might consider running a holiday themed contest for your customers and even for your staff.  Reward random “lucky” customers (such as the 15th or 50th customer of the day with a random prize) with a free add-on, gift certificate for future purchase, or even some promotional items like a special t-shirt or other St. Patrick’s Day swag.
  27.  Hold a St. Patrick’s Day Trivia Contest in-store or using social media.  Quiz contestants as to St. Patrick’s Day trivia, trivia about your products or services, trivia about your community or other specific St. Patrick’s Day topics. Let contestant’s answers be the basis for a sweepstakes entry and reward one lucky drawing winner with a grand prize.
  28.  Use a St. Patrick’s Day Themed Logo on Your Website or Fan Page. Use sites like or to have the design done for next to nothing.
  29. Make a St. Patrick’s Day Themed JibJab Video, and give your customers a good laugh! 
  30. Create a fill-in-the-blank Facebook post (and generate about 90% more engagement than the average text post!)
  31. Run a St. Patrick’s Day Themed Referral Promotion – Create a list of your top clients and referring business partners. Send an unexpected St. Patrick’s Day themed card in the mail thanking them for their business (or referrals) and asking if they know of anyone else who deserves to benefit from your services.  Offer a referral bonus for added punch.
  32. Share links to St. Patrick’s day recipes and traditions on your social media, in your newsletter, in your business, and on your blog.
  33. Suggest unusual, unique St. Patrick’s Day gifts. Even better if they can purchase these gifts from you.
  34. Make your own line of St. Patrick’s Day cards to be used in conjunction with your gift certificates.
  35.  Create a secret promo code for patrons to receive a small token for visiting your establishment.  For example: The first 5 people to come into our restaurant and use code “Luck of the Irish” will get a special green treat. Publish the promo on your social media sites.
  36.  Publish ideas on how to throw the best St. Patrick’s Day party. Provide fans with decorating ideas, recipes, costumes and more. Make sure these ideas include items from your store!
  37. Share all the fun St. Patrick’s Day happenings taking place around your city.  Parades, restaurant specials and other things to do during the holiday.
  38. Publicize all of your festive St. Paddy’s day promos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, your Blog, E-Mail and/or Web Site for additional traction.
  39. Share a holiday themed photo with a clever or fun caption.
  40. Use popular St. Patrick’s Day hashtags: #shamrock, #leprechaun, #green, #Ireland, #Irish, #clover, #parade, #stpattys, #stpatricksparade, #stpats,
  41. Give them what they are looking for! Consumers are on the hunt for those shamrocks, green t-shirts, leprechaun shot glasses, etc. Pin images of your products like these in the weeks leading up to the holiday.
  42.  Show your followers how to incorporate your products into their celebration.
  43. Make a Pinterest board dedicated to Saint Patrick’s Day
  44. Don’t just pin your products, pin photos that pertain to your business
  45. Create a holiday-centered list of ‘tips’ to help them solve any problems or questions you think they may have. (Kind of like the one you’re reading now.)
  46. Give followers a peek behind-the-scenes. Encourage your employees to wear green or St. Patrick’s Day apparel and take pictures to create fun, engaging, and shareable content.
  47. Create St. Patrick’s themed content for your website and social media. Part of being successful in Social Media is ‘being social.’  Another idea is to create fun content specifically about or related to the St. Patrick’s Day holiday.
  48. Create a simple You Tube video with a fun Irish music playing in the background where you and your staff are doing something funny.
  49. Encourage your staff to ‘dress up’ for the Holiday and you can take a photo of one of you or one of your employees wearing Green or St. Patrick’s Day apparel.  Just be fun and engaging and it will be very ‘shareable’ content on Facebook.
  50.  GREEN BEER! I mean, seriously. Is St. Patrick’s Day ever complete without it?  

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    […] your St. Patrick’s Day specials involve alcohol in any way, use your signage to remind people not to drink and drive. Include numbers to local cab […]

  2. […] your St. Patrick’s Day specials involve alcohol in any way, use your signage to remind people not to drink and drive. Include numbers to local cab […]

  3. […] your St. Patrick’s Day specials involve alcohol in any way, use your signage to remind people not to drink and drive. Include numbers to local cab […]